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Website A website must sell, but it must also be beautiful and function properly. The websites of Swemmelaar Webdesign are effective, user-friendly and always well-arranged. Our websites are characterized by the clear design and implementation of a CMS (Read here: What is a CMS?), Making it possible to manage your website yourself.  


Web design

A website of Swemmelaar Webdesign is representative and functional. Swemmelaar Webdesign takes care of customized web design and adjusts the unique design completely to your wishes. Our design provides a reinforcement of your digital brand, making it easier for you to bind customers to your company. Innovative, clear and absolutely catchy. During development, the customer can view our development server and make adjustments / comments in the meantime. In this way we ensure that the customer gets exactly what he / she wants. We take this into account the advancing insight of the customer to a certain extent. It is certainly not the intention that a totally different website is created than what was initially agreed, but adjustments to the layout and the like can be implemented quickly and before the website is delivered.

For the design and (extra) functionality of your website we only use professional providers of templates and components.  


Website and branding

A company website is part of your digital branding. That is why Swemmelaar Webdesign not only looks at your objectives, but also at the wishes of your target group when developing your website. You will find the powerful strategy of Swemmelaar Webdesign in a creative concept.  



Especially for customers who have had the website built by us, we offer an affordable hosting package. The hosting package costs € 50.00 per year. The hosting package has the following specifications:

  • 1GB web space
  • Unlimited data traffic
  • Extra fast thanks to SDD storage
  • Unlimited number of email accounts
  • Max 25 databases Incl. 1 domain name  



After delivery of the website it is of course important that your website remains up-to-date. For this Swemmelaar Webdesign offers the possibility to conclude a suitable maintenance contract with us so that you are assured that your website remains up-to-date and safe.

Want to know more about the websites of Swemmelaar Webdesign? Then please contact us!